Why do we have offices? Not just to house people, but to drive some sort of behaviour: performance, engagement, innovation. These are what matter to your business.  And while design is important, culture trumps design. So yes, "build it and they will come," but only if your design is based on sound cultural evidence.

How do you align culture and design?  By letting science do the work.  Ask the right types of questions in the right way and you will get the right answer.  Hatch can do that for you.




The Science

Predictive behaviour may sound a bit far out. (We promise we aren't using a crystal ball!) but predictive behaviour models have been used in hospitals, designing roadways, and building university curricula. It's a tried and true method for designing better systems.

​Satisfaction surveys will only get you so far. By asking questions about what factors influence people's behaviour, HATCH is able to determine what changes you can make to your culture, teams or work environment that will drive better business performance. 

Why do we have offices?

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